Sport for Change makes its way to Syria: Fondazione Milan and AVSI together in support of children affected by the earthquake in Aleppo

The collaboration between AVSI and Fondazione Milan brings football to Syria to involve children and young people in Aleppo in sport, used as a psycho-social support activity to deal with the post-traumatic stress caused by the earthquake in February 2023.

Countries Syria
Date 14.11.2023

AVSI and Fondazione Milan in a new partnership for the "Sport for Change" programme to support children affected by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey in early 2023.

AVSI has operated in Syria since 2015 and works – with an interconnected network of partners – to support the local population during the economic, health and social crisis which stems from the ongoing conflict in the country. The partnership with Fondazione Milan will offer support to vulnerable children in Aleppo, particularly those who have been affected by the earthquake that struck on 6 February of this year.

Fondazione Milan and AVSI have joined forces to tackle this difficult situation and aim to offer children to cultivate their own potential through sport, which has the benefit of being an “informal” educational tool that welcomes both girls and boys with no limits or distinctions.

The project, lasting for 10 months, will involve 270 young people aged between 7 and 17 years old. Participants in the project will get the chance to play sportsfootball in particular.

The project aims to promote safe and inclusive environments for the youth in Aleppo and foster their development by encouraging cooperation, acceptance of differences, and constructive conflict management. The coaches and tutors will receive special instruction to guarantee the children's safety and protect their rights. Additionally, psychosocial support activities are planned to address post-traumatic stress caused by the earthquake, promoting understanding of emotions, their management, and the identification of positive mechanisms for coping with difficulties.

The project will take place at the Pro Terra Sancta College in Aleppo in collaboration with the association of the same name. Pro Terra Sancta is an international organisation which promotes projects to preserve cultural and natural heritage and supports local communities during humanitarian crises.

Fondazione Milan and AVSI have committed to the area in the hopes that this project can make a contribution in significantly improving the lives of children in need in Aleppo and also strengthen their resilience through sport.