Hundreds of messages in a few hours: the closeness of AVSI supporters to the children in the Middle East

Messages of solidarity and affection for the kids frightened by the new conflict

Date 07.11.2023

October 7th has marked the beginning of dramatic days in the Middle East area. The staff and the children supported by AVSI in Palestine are good. However, the situation remains critical. The local families are struggling to satisfy the basic needs of their kids, and the access to the schools for the students is compromised. 

The Lebanese families are also experiencing tough weeks, especially in the South, at the Israeli border, where the bombings with Israel continue. 

Considering the dramatic geopolitical context in the Region, it comes spontaneously to wonder: “What can I do for peace?

In response to the situation, AVSI has started two fundraising campaigns to provide concrete help to the families affected by the war. Moreover, we have called our supporters for a solidarity action: writing a letter to the Palestinian and Lebanese children enrolled in the Distance Support Programs to show them affection and closeness. Especially in such a difficult moment, it is meaningful to let people know they are not alone. 

Hundreds of donors have sent messages of support right after AVSI’s appeal.  

Alba wrote to William: ” Do not stop dreaming, particularly now dreams can help to forget reality. Imagine when the war is over, and the peace will be back. Even though it is difficult sometimes, keep your mind busy by doing pleasant activities such as reading or studying. Remember that when you will be an adult, you might be able to support your Country and have the power to guarantee peace. I am sure you will do great things. I send you my affection to you and your family. It takes courage to live in such difficult times, but I am sure you will have the strength”. 

Jawad received this letter:” Dear Jawad, it is Elena and Marco, your Italian friends [..]. We are glad to know that, despite what is going on, you are fine. However, we are sorry you cannot attend school and meet your classmates [..]. Even if it is complicated, we encourage you to remain calm. Be aware that there are many people, including ourselves, who are worried about what is going on in your Country. We are sure that the good will triumph eventually.”. 

My dearest, do not forget that I am with you with my thoughts. Everything is going to be good, and I will finally come to visit you. Please remember to study, and be good. I send you a warm hug.

Leda, AVSI's distance supporter