AVSI Iraq and the Governorate of Ninewa together to provide bone marrow transplantation in Mosul

Thanks to the agreement and the collaboration with Italian doctors the medical and technical staff of Al-Hadbaa hospital will receive training to introduce bone marrow transplantation in Mosul

Countries Iraq
Date 14.04.2023

On March 13, AVSI Iraq, the Governorate of Ninewa, the Ministry of Health, and Al-Monasseq Global Company signed an agreement to provide training on bone marrow transplantation to the medical and technical staff of Al-Hadbaa hospital in Mosul specialized for blood diseases and bone marrow transplantation.

So far the residents of Mosul have no access to this therapy for the Thalassemia disease, thus anyone in need must travel to Sulaymaniyah where AVSI supported the Hiwa hospital to introduce bone marrow transplantation in 2017 providing specific trainings to the local staff. The agreement kick-off a new project to replicate this profitable expericence with Al-Hadbaa hospital in Mosul.

AVSI will facilitate the training of the local staff involving a team of doctors from Italy led by Professor Ignazio Majolino, Director of the Complex Unit of Hematology and Stem Cell Transplantation and Director of the Department of Specialized Medicine of the San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital in Rome.

In March Professor Ignazio Majolino with Dr. Francisco Ipsvich and Dr. Marco Possenti visited the Al-Hadbaa hospital in Mosul to determine whether the health care center is ready to perform bone marrow transplants. They were accompanied by AVSI Iraq Country Representative Lorenzo Ossoli, and they were really satisfied with the hospital's progress and outcomes. During the visit, the Italian doctors has the chance to talk with the doctors of Mosul who will get the trainings to better understand their needs and expectations for the course, which begin online in April 2023.

This is a significant step in providing better healthcare facilities in Iraq, especially in the Governorate of Ninewa. The training will equip the medical and technical staff of Al-Hadbaa specialized hospital with the skills and knowledge required to perform bone marrow transplants effectively, which is crucial in the treatment of many blood diseases.

AVSI Iraq is committed to supporting the development of healthcare facilities and improving the quality of healthcare in Iraq. The organization has been working in Iraq since 1991, and has implemented various projects in health, education, and social development sectors.