AVSI humanitarian projects at Palabek refugee settlement

A photographic reportage tells how Northern Uganda has changed with AVSI. In this episode we go to the refugee settlement of Palabek, to discover the projects to guarantee the right to education to the children and young people in the camp, and to provide psychological support with a community approach.

Countries Uganda
Date 14.12.2022
Author Esther Ruth Mbabazi

Education: schools, trainings and materials for migrant students

In Palabek refugee settlement AVSI constructed the school structures and offers different trainings to the teachers. AVSI also provides learners with sanitary items and scholastic materials.

We also went to AVSI’s distribution of scholastic materials at Beyogoya Primary School, in Palabek refugee settlement. The school has 4,000 learners with one class having as much as 500 learners.In a refugee setting where parents are not able to support their children with materials for school, the population depends on support from Organizations working in the settlement.

In groups to receive and give mental health support

In Palabek refugee settlement, AVSI does mental health support using the Strong Mind Curriculum.
AVSI trains Community Facilitators and VHTs using the Strong Minds Curriculum. The sessions are tailored to individual issues amongst the group and group members advise accordingly.

AVSI does community outreaches and educative sessions from which issues are identified and community support groups are created. Female facilitators engage with women groups and male facilitators accordingly. 124 groups have participated in cycle 1. Average 10 members per group.

We meet members of Dicwinyi Group (take heart), having their 5th session with Ajok Pamela, a cluster leader and peer facilitator teaching a cycle of the psychosocial sessions with AVSI. The classes focus on topics like anxiety and depression.