AVSI was one of the first NGOs to enter Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. We work in the areas of education, health and work with a view to sustainable development.


Our commitment has not changed in twenty years. To deal with the consequences of genocide is more necessary than ever. And that means taking care of the lives of Rwandans, and helping them to rediscover their value as people

Lorette Birara, AVSI Rwanda

Rebuilding an oppressed community. AVSI Foundation began working alongside the Rwandan people in 1994, when we were among the first NGOs to cross the border with Uganda to support victims of genocide with an emergency response. Today, more than two decades later, while Rwanda continues to rebuild itself as a community despite the deep wounds, AVSI's projects always raise - whatever the focus of the activity - the question of reconciliation.

From emergency to a future of development. AVSI currently operates throughout the Country in the areas of education, health care and integration into work. After the emergency response in the '90s, today our workers carry out long-term measures designed to start a lasting process of development. Starting with children, the primary beneficiaries of AVSI's projects in Rwanda.

Commitment to education. Currently working in the districts of Kamony, Ruhango, Nyanza, Gatsibo and Gicumbi, AVSI has implemented numerous education projects to guarantee that orphans of genocide and the poorest children have access to quality education, medical treatment and psychological support.

Experience in the fight against HIV/AIDS.In the health sector, our main commitment is aimed at preventing HIV/AIDS, with a range of activities to tackle a disease that continues to affect too many African countries.

For the little ones. Great attention has been paid to child protection projects.

Rural development. Many different project in the environmental and water sector has been implemented, such as the building and rehabilitation of 200 km long aqueduct, thanks to the funding of the European Union and the Italian Foreign ministry.

When you're seeking #PeopleForDevelopment, none should do be left aside: Young Single-mothers accross AVSI...

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