We have been operating in the country since 2007, with a staff of about 100 people, including local staff and collaborators, with projects in the agricultural and educational sectors.

Myanmar Avsi

The staff involved in the managing and implementing AVSI's work in Myanmar consists of local staff (40 people), collaborators (50) and Italian expatriate staff (3). There are several operating offices: Yangon, Myaungmya (Ayeyarwady Region),Yamethin (Dry zone), Taunggyi and Pekhon (Southern Shan State), Loikaw (Kayah State). and Myktyina.

An integrated approach to agriculture. The agricultural sector employs nearly two-thirds of the country's workforce and represents the main source of livelihood. The main problems connected with this sector are: low agricultural efficiency, lack of adequate price incentives, limited access to credit, and sales of rice below market price. The farmers’ difficulties increase due to the scarcity or lack of funds which force them to depend on private money lenders and, in worst cases, to lose their land.

AVSI Foundation works with an integrated approach to food aid to increase agricultural production and improve the population's level of awareness on the intensification and diversification of agricultural techniques, on the development of small scale irrigation techniques and of water retention management and on the diversification of source of the house holds’ income.

Through the organisation of training sessions using Farmer Field Schools (participatory agricultural engineering support model with community approach), AVSI spreads best agricultural practices following the principle of 'learning by doing'.

In Myanmar: Farmers tell their stories: Improving livelihoods through rice seed production International Rice Research Institute #IRRI

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For the younger generations. AVSI in Myanmar carries out educational work in three areas of the country: Kayah and Shan states and Ayeyarwady region. In these places, especially in the municipality of Myaungmya, there are many children orphaned by the tsunami and Cyclone Nargis, as well as many children from poor families who are unable to meet their children's educational needs by themselves. AVSI acts to improve the living conditions of children in schools by educational support.

In Kayah state, AVSI is the lead agency of the Education Sector Working Group (ESWG), which calls all local and international organisations working in the field to meet monthly.

Ongoing projects:

  • Implementation of livelihood interventions to reduce child labour in My-PEC pilot areas (ILO)
  • Promoting sustainable Peace and Resiliency in Kayah (EU)
  • Distance Support Program (DSP) “Support to Quality Education” (SAD SAD)
  • Stress Tolerant Rice In Vulnerable Rice Environment - STRIVE (IRRI/USAID)
  • Nutrire il futuro in Shan State (Empowering the future in Shan State) (Regione Lombardia)
  • Support to Ethnica minority Pa-O (Provincia di Bolzano)
  • Sustainable cropland and forest management in priority agro-systems of Myanmar (FAO)
  • Sviluppo umano (human development) in the Dioceses of the Kayah State and the Shan State (CEI)

AVSI Myanmar

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