In Lebanon since 1996, we work to support Syrians who have found refuge here, as well as the poorest segments of the Lebanese population, in partnership with our founding member La Libanaise. Our projects are aimed at welcoming refugees and providing them with good conditions of life, to give work to the men of the family, to protect women and children, and to ensure the youngest children receive some education.

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Settlements in the south of the country. Working with Syrians in 26 informal refugee settlements, AVSI Foundation implements projects that support many Syrian families who have fled to Lebanon during the war. The main activities focus on education and child protection. Activities ranging from remedial teaching, training for teaching staff from the area's schools, psycho-social support for the families of children affected by the traumas of war.

With a view to development. After more than five years of war, the crisis has reached a second phase. After the first emergency, the prolonged presence of more than a million Syrians in Lebanon made it necessary to rethink our aid programs with a view to long-term development. That's why AVSI's work focuses on young people, on women, on those who will have to rebuild Syria after the war.

Cash for work. Offering the prospect of work is one of the priorities in the Syrian refugee camps in southern Lebanon. AVSI has sought to answer this by talking to local government, getting funding from Cooperazione Italiana [Italian Cooperation] and employing 300 Syrians in work to reclaim a forest.

Agricultural colleges. Many young Syrians were enrolled onto courses in seven Lebanese agricultural schools, with the aim to provide specialized skills that can be used immediately in the workplace. The emphasis is on agriculture as it is one of the key sectors of the Lebanese economy (it represents 4% of GDP). The goal is to contribute to the improvement of the Lebanese educational system. Funded by Cooperazione Italiana and the result of an agreement with the Ministry of Education, it aims to train teachers and to provide environments suitable for practical experiments, such as with greenhouses, plants and seeds.

Inaam, child of war. Dark curly hair. Sweet and piercing eyes. The ability to engage her interlocutor with innocence and, at the same time, ancient wisdom. Inaam is a child of war. During her short but extremely intense lifetime, she has known little but violence, deprivation, and uncertainty. Inaam was born on March 15, 2011, the very day the Syrian Civil War broke out in her country, eventually leading to the death of at least 250,000 people. Since her birth, she has known nothing except a life shaped by conflict. The only place she has learned to call home is the tent where she currently lives with her sisters Shaima and Isram in dusty Marj el Kok, a refugee camp outside Marjayoun, Lebanon. The camp is home to 1,200 Syrian refugees. “This is her dad,” says Turky Hassam, Inaam's grandmother. “He had many debts back in Syria, so when we fled to Lebanon, he couldn’t join us. He bought a car to support his family, but he wasn’t a good driver, so one day while he was learning how to drive with his cousin, a group of armed man took the car and killed them both.” “Daddy,” screams the little five-year-old joining the conversation and holding a small and ripped picture of her father. “I keep showing her the picture, so she can remember him,” explains Turky. “I keep telling her: this is your father. He was a good man.” As she grows older, every time Inaam sees the picture, she has more questions. Why did they have to leave their house? Why couldn’t her father come with them to Lebanon? Why are they living in a refugee camp? These are questions #SmileForChange #inaam #childofwar #withsyria #smile #smiles #syrianchildren #childrenofsyria #refugees #5yearsofwar #newhope #hope #future #development #human #lebanon #syria #syrianwar #stopthewar #peace #pace #bambina #profughi #portrait #ritratto #sorriso #speranza #photooftheday #picoftheday #myfeatureshoot

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