There are over half a million Syrian refugees in Jordan. There is a humanitarian emergency, which calls for shelter, water, food and healthcare to those who have fled from the war. But there is also another serious requirement: to prevent an entire generation from being deprived of the opportunity of education. Our work is divided between both these fronts: humanitarian aid and, especially, education, because even the smallest [child] is given the opportunity to build a future for themselves in a land that, today, is battered.

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Health and psycho-social assistance, education, vocational training and job placement, income-generating activities: these are the main areas of AVSI's work in Jordan, whose activities focus on supporting the most vulnerable communities.

The Syrian crisis. Right from the outbreak of the Syrian war, AVSI has been at work to welcome [refugees], ensuring quality educational services and vocational training to thousands of families who have taken refuge in Jordan.

Fifteen years of commitment. AVSI has been present in the Arab country since 2001, the year in which our Distance Support educational program's activities began, in collaboration with the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. In 2003, we began a five-year project aimed at improving the living conditions of disabled people through the supply of technological instruments.

Alongside those who flee. Since 2009, AVSI has been committed to supporting refugees in Jordan, first with support programs for the Palestinian and Iraqi communities, to give them decent housing and training courses; then with education and training projects for Syrian families fleeing the war.

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