Democratic Republic of the Congo

Based in the African country since 1973, we work in the provinces of Nord Kivu, Tanganyika, Haut Katanga and Ituri to address the needs of thousands of displaced persons, to ensure quality education to the younger generation, food security, and the protection of children.

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Instability in the DR Congo. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the largest states in Africa. The country has many natural resources, but it presents some of the lowest development indices in the world. Since Congo's independence in 1960, its history has been marked by several civil wars. Between 1998 and 2003, one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, known as the "African World War", broke out and resulted in the displacement of a large part of the Congolese population. Today, the situation is not stable, especially in the East of the country, where insecurity dominates.

Confronting emergencies. AVSI intervenes in situations of chronical crises, together with local communities. Their initiatives aim at reducing the consequences of these crises, working on health, education and to increase families’ income. AVSI’s activities include the support to families and women, the protection of children, quality primary and secondary education, and the strengthening of civil society organizations.
The focus of AVSI's work in DR Congo is answering to the needs of thousands of displaced people who continue to move from one place to another, without a destination because of the continuous fighting. AVSI protects the children, their families and the communities against discriminations, violence and exploitation, ensuring immediate access to primary services, like quality education or by distributing essential items and through cash transfer projects.

Unconditional cash transfer. This tool transfers cash without imposing any condition on the beneficiaries. The idea is that they know better than anyone how to meet their own needs.

For the younger generations. AVSI implements several educational projects: renovating and reconstructing schools, distributing school supplies and teaching aids and facilitating teacher training. AVSI’s psycho-social module, tested and used in these projects, is considered by UNICEF as best practice for its effectiveness.

Food security and nutrition. Another sector in which AVSI has a long experience is that of food security and the fight against malnutrition. It supports nutritional centres, helps in the organization of educational sessions for the sanitary personnel, works in the villages to identify cases of malnutrition and it supplies therapeutic food.

Child protection. Through education, AVSI promotes strategies to protect children’s rights. Among the activities: the creation of community committees for the protection of children (RECOPE, Réseau Communautaire Protection Enfant), informative sessions to raise awareness, identification of the cases of rights’ violations.

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AVSI Democratic Republic of the Congo

Goma Hq Office
Avenue des orchidees 1,Ville de Goma
Quartier les volcans, Goma, DRC
Tel: + 993674974

Ituri Office
Avenue Blukwa II, Domestique 4
Commune de Bunya, quartier Lumumba
Tel: + 997787898

Kalemie Office
Avenue Sandoa 07
Commune de Kalemie, DRC
Tel: + 812625146

Nyunzu Office
Centre de la Cité, Paroise de Prêtre Nyunzu
Nyunzu, DRC
Tel: + 243813764514

Kabalo Office
Centre de la cité de Kabalo
Kabalo, DRC
Tel: + 243823836272

Beni Office
Avenue Mambo, N°11-13
Quartier Kalinda, Commune de Mulekera
Tel: + 810717143


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