A creative tool for a psychosocial approach

A psychosocial multi-media pedagogical tool developed to enable trainers and psychosocial operators to familiarize with and better understand the content of AVSI’s psycho-social manual as well as to build and reinforce technical skills related to the psychosocial approach while on the field.

"Unfolding Boxes and Obstacles towards Creative Solutions for a Psychosocial Approach" is a pedagogical multimedia tool developed in order to assist social and human development workers in their daily fieldwork while "thinking outside the box".

Through this tool, social and human development workers are invited on a journey to unfold and scrutinize the content of the boxes by thinking outside its boundaries thus ensuring critical thinking. By trying to answer the questions and build the puzzle, psychosocial concepts, tools and definitions are discovered and debated.

The first six boxes allow social workers to discover the Theories of the Psychosocial Approach and the Operator’s Psychosocial Approach allowing a better delivery of services to the beneficiaries. Through the second part of the tool and through assignments, it will be possible to explore and discover the knowledge around the Helping Process Methodology and the Psychosocial Tool.

While this tool is initially developed for social workers working in traumatic or post-traumatic contexts with host or displaced communities, by adopting a sound Psychosocial Approach, it can also be used by those working in various fields of human development and social activities.

The tool is available in both Arabic and English version and comes with its own booklet of instruction. In case you are interested, plese get in touch with us via email: milano@avsi.org

The specific objectives of the Psychosocial Multi-Media Pedagogical Tool:

  • Assimilate the content of AVSI’s psychosocial approach manual in an entertaining cognitive and interactive way;
  • Convey, deepen and materialize theoretical concepts;
  • Consolidate and improve one's knowledge, develop professional skills like refining the relationship of assistance to beneficiaries;
  • Exchange practices between professionals;
  • Train professionals to go beyond and think "outside the box";
  • Facilitate exchange, cooperation and sharing of experiences between trainers, with and between psychosocial operators.

The tool is linked to the Psychosocial Approach Manual developed by Resilience Onlus and AVSI Foundation, with UNICEF support, and based on their large experience in the field of psychosocial support in emergency contexts. The interventions are all based on an holistic approach, a specific way of viewing the human being as a whole. The methodology proposed in the manual is participatory, which means that starting from the need of both the individual and the community, a culturally appropriate track is built with the beneficiaries through the use of psychosocial tools.

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