#HelpUkraine a year of war and humanitarian aid

February 24, 2022, Ukraine. Russia invades Ukraine, starting a war that sweeps across the country.

February 24 2022, Italy. For months, AVSI has been following the dramatic escalation of the situation in Ukraine and immediately launches a fundraising campaign to help fleeing Ukrainians. A team of emergency experts is ready to go.

February 2023. One year after the beginning of the war, we want to show what we have been doing to the thousands of people, companies, institutions, foundations that have responded to our call and helped us assist fleeing Ukrainians. This is more than a report, it's also a story - actions, data, but above all people and their personal experiences is what you'll find in here.

What we did: in numbers

4 Countries


195,000 People helped



€ 4,701,834 Funds raised from private actors

25 Projects

The operations map

A year alongside war-affected Ukrainians

A photo reportage showing 365 days of activities in Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Italy

Live events

February 22

[in English]

  • 4 PM (Italian time): on the occasion of the High-Level event “Gross Human Rights Violations Due to the Aggression Against Ukraine” at the UN Headquarters in New York, Giampaolo Silvestri, AVSI Secretary General, will make a speech, describing what AVSI has been doing in Ukraine since the outbreak of the war, with a focus on child protection. The event will be broadcast live on UN Web TV >

February 23

[in Italian]

Polish volunteers and authorities provide help for Ukrainian refugees as they arrive in Mlyny reception point with buses from the border crossing, in Przemsyl, eastern Poland.

AVSI's response to the Ukraine emergency

AVSI immediately created a network with other subjects to be able to organize a welcome response to the most urgent and immediate needs. As usual, we opted for networking, trying to avoid dealing with the complexity of these phenomena alone, and on the contrary enhance each help offer by networking with other.

Giampaolo Silvestri, AVSI secretary general at the conference “Beyond borders. Experiences of migration”

Where our funding comes from

Some of the businesses and foundations involved in our campaign

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In addition to private actors, businesses and foundations, our projects were also supported by Italian and international institutional donors

Among our institutional donors








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