#HelpUkraine: AVSI for the reception and integration of Ukrainians in Italy

A few weeks after the beginning of the Ukrainian war, AVSI took steps to help not only people in Ukraine and to the border, but also in Italy.

The very first action that AVSI carried out in Italy to support Ukrainian refugees was the creation of an information and coordination point to centralize assistance services and to put in contact people who were offering help with those who needed it.

The project came into being thanks to the initiative of several actors (Associazione Famiglie per l’Accoglienza, Associazione San Martino, Fondazione Franco Verga, Associazione I Bambini dell’Est, Ukrainian NGO Emmaus, Welcomed e CDO Opere Sociali) coordinated by AVSI.

The info point was to be located in Milan, in a proper place offered free of charge by UniCredit: on May 16, the #HelpUkraine Hub was inaugurated.

AVSI Italia Help Ukraine Hub per rifugiati ucraini a milano (2)

#HelpUkraine Hub: welcoming and integration for Ukrainian refugees in Milan

Services provided:


Since March 2022, AVSI staff has been collecting many offers, made by Italian families who wanted to welcome Ukrainian citizens into their homes. As, on the other hand, Ukrainians fleeing the war and arriving in Italy were looking for shelter, AVSI activated an orientation service to assess their needs and the possibility to accommodate them with an Italian family. A dedicated reception and orientation staff was precious to guide such experiences, by providing practical information, psycho-social services or vouchers to purchase essential goods. As of now, the reception service is no longer active, but our staff members are still providing information and orientation: every day, Ukrainian citizens can benefit from an orientation interview, during which they can ask specific questions and receive guidance to handle their stay in Italy.


Thanks to the collaboration among AVSI, the Milan Police Headquarters, the San Martino Association and UniCredit, the #HelpUkraine Hub offers help to Ukrainians in filling in all the necessary paperwork, whether they have to apply for a temporary protection permit, report unaccompanied minors, or enroll their children into the school system.


To promote integration - especially in school - and help Ukrainians find a job, teenagers and adults have been able to attend free Italian courses.


Ukrainian people arriving to Italy urgently needed to find a job to support themselves and their families. In addition to offering information and help in compiling a resume, the Hub also organizes professional training courses and links together companies who are looking for staff and Ukrainian job-seekers.


How to access the National Health Service? How to book a medical examination? At the Hub, Ukrainian refugees were able to get support from a cultural-linguistic mediator and help navigating the services provided by the Italian health care system or local associations.

In collaboration with Welcomed, adults and children could also receive specialist visits.


Ukrainian teenagers and children have been involved in recreational and sport activities.

The services offered by the Hub are provided by involving AVSI's staff and partners, a wide network of volunteers and also UniCredit employees, who chose to dedicate their corporate volunteer day to helping Ukrainian refugees.


#HelpUkraine: from a Hub, to a national aid network

The #HelpUkraine Hub laid the foundation for a national assistance network for Ukrainian refugees, that nowadays has spread to 7 Italian regions (Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria, Emilia-Romagna, Lazio, Campania, Sicily). It involves many different actors - such as institutions, companies, and local associations - who offer the same services initially provided by the Hub in Milan on a national level. An example of this ongoing collaboration: a reception center for Ukrainian refugees was opened in Sarzana (La Spezia province) in a villa which had been confiscated to the mafia.

Goals reached by #HelpUkraine Hub network – 31/12/2022


  • 1,011 Ukrainians supported in reception process
  • 95 host families supported in hosting experience
  • 173 vouchers dispensed


  • 563 counseling interviews
  • 442 Ukrainians supported
  • 257 appointments booked to police departments


  • 294 job counseling interviews
  • 81 educational training courses provided to Ukrainians
  • 83 successful job placements


  • 267 medical examinations conducted, of which 77 to minors
  • Over 1,300 hours of phone desk support provided


  • 127 pupils supported in schools
  • 25 minors supported in the purchase of learning material
  • 89 among teenagers and children attending recreational activities

#HelpUkraine network in Italy

  • Famiglie per l'accoglienza
  • Franco Verga C.o.i
  • Emmaus
  • San Martino Associazione
  • I bambini dell'est
  • Consorzio Farsi prossimo
  • Cir - Rifugiati
  • CDO - Opere educative
  • Mondo Aperto
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We continue to help Ukrainian refugees in Italy
Contribute to the “Peace is possible… in Italy” project, part of this year’s Tent Campaign, to guarantee reception services, language courses, bureaucratic assistance, job orientation through the #HelpUkraine Hub in Milan
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