Boosting waste management services in Southern Libya

On March 2, in Tripoli the donation ceremony of three garbage trucks to the municipalities of Brak Al-Shati, Al-Gorda and Derj took place.

The EQUAL initiative in southern Libya, undertaken by WeWorld GVC and PCi in cooperation with AVSI and together with the local organizations Migrace and Bedaya, endeavours to contribute to the stabilization of the country by empowering municipal actors both technically and socially.

This multifaceted approach is designed to address the pervasive challenges of fragmented and inequitable access to essential services, thereby alleviating key drivers of conflict persisting within the Libyan landscape. The Action is funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation through the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.

In conjunction with this initiative, on March 2 the Deputy Minister of Local Governance, Mr.Mustafa Al Turki, the head of International Cooperation office in the MoLG, Mrs. Shadia Arebi, the Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation, Mr Marton Benedek and the First Secretary of the Italian Embassy to Libya, Mr Ernesto Cicchitelli, convened at the Four Points Hotel in Tripoli for the donation ceremony of three garbage trucks to the municipalities of Brak Al-Shati, Al-Gorda and Derj.

The supply of rubbish trucks and the distribution of goods was managed by AVSI in the municipality of Darj, while in the municipalities of Brak and Al Gorda, WeWorld GVC intervened, creating a functional synergy to strengthen the solid waste management system.

This event served as an important platform for fostering dialogue and collaboration among diverse stakeholders engaged in project activities, thereby bridging gaps between local authorities and institutions and facilitating the exchange of experiences within the Libyan context.

The integration of this small garbage truck, in conjunction with five additional garbage bins, into Darj's currently underserved municipal solid waste management system is intended to significantly enhance the operational autonomy of the municipality. To ensure the effective utilization of this resource, a post-distribution training session on mechanics and transport maintenance has been organized, directly addressing reported deficiencies in maintenance capacity.

Thanks to this initiative, over 70.000 beneficiaries - the totality of the population of Derj, Brak Al Shati and Al Gorda municipalities - will witness a substantial improvement in the waste collection services provided in their areas and in their well-being.

About EQUAL project

AVSI has inaugurated its presence in Libya with the EQUAL project in Southern Libya Enhancing the Quality Basic Services Access in Southern Libya in the Municipalities of Darj, Shwerif, alGorda, Brak al Shati

The aim is to strengthen the role and competencies of Libyan municipalities in the local peace building process by increasing the effectiveness of public services. Through the WASH component (Garbage trucks supply) and the focus on photovoltaic energy systems, AVSI contributes to the participatory construction of a more sustainable future. Capacity building of public officials and service providers also directly contributes to the continuity dimension of the project itself, as well as to the multiplier effect activated by its results.