Positive parenting in Mexico: AVSI launches the “Parent school”

In el Espinal, in the state of Oaxaca 56 parents attended to a workshop on positive parenting. A step forward to protect vulnerable children from violence.

Countries Mexico
Date 24.04.2024

In the framework of the project "Together to prevent the abandonment of vulnerable children in Mexico," funded by the Italian International Adoption Commission (CAI), a parent training workshop was held April 19th in the community of El Espinal , in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. More than 50 mothers, fathers, and grandparents took part of this training that will take place once every month.

The objective of this initiative is to foster a space for reflection and learning that promotes a deep understanding of the dynamics of violence, vulnerability in the family context, providing practical tools to prevent, identify, and address these phenomena, thus strengthening the capacity of parents and caregivers to raise secure and resilient children in a healthy environment.
During the workshop, the topic of positive parenting was addressed, developed through practical activities and dynamics designed to encourage active participation of parents and promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge among participants.

positive parenting in mexico

Over the next 10 months, the "Parent School" initiative will continue to deploy workshops throughout the state of Oaxaca, with the primary objective of teaching parents effective communication techniques and strategies to create a harmonious family environment. By equipping parents with these skills, the project aims to reduce the risk of child abandonment and build stronger, healthier family bonds.