Condolences for Daniela Altini

With sorrow we greet our colleague Daniela Altini, the soul of our projects in Peru

Countries Peru, Italy
Date 05.11.2022

On 5 November Daniela Altini, the reference point for our activities in Peru for more than 20 years,  went to heaven.

Daniela Altini started working with AVSI as a project manager in Peru in 2001, and then became country representative. Since 2019 she has become the AVSI project manager in the areas of the Peruvian highlands (Cusco) and of the forest (Amazonas).  She followed and promoted projects in the field of development of local agricultural production and trading, the creation of local association and  training of young people.

Daniela Altini, a Satipo, in Perù
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Daniela was a doctor of forestry sciences and an expert in international cooperation by profession. Daniela was a woman of deep faith, passionate about the issues of education and development by vocation.

Her life was a concrete example of the ideals that inspire AVSI’s action. Daniela, on the field, gave a human, smiling and tenacious image to our action. An heritage that will accompany us in our commitment to the most vulnerable people to whom Daniela has dedicated part of her life.