AVSI’s Community-Based Trainer shares her experience at the Second Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, Switzerland

At the event Rose Mashimbo Nafisa, a refugee of Congolese descent and community-based trainer at AVSI Uganda will share her experience and contributions

As one of the co-convenors of the 2023 Global Refugee Forum, Uganda continues to be recognized for its championing role in implementing the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework

Rose Mashimbo Nafisa, a refugee of Congolese descent and community-based trainer at AVSI Uganda was invited to the pre-Global Refugee Forum engagement with the International Labour Organization (ILO) to share her experience and contributions from programs she has supported and to join the ILO delegation at the forum.

What the Global Refugee Forum is

Held every four years, the second Global Refugee Forum will take place from the 13th to 15th of December at the Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland. Being the world’s largest international congregation on refugees, the forum strives to support the efficient execution of the goals outlined in the Global Compact on Refugees: ease pressures on host countries, enhance refugee self-reliance, increase access to third-country solutions, and improve conditions in countries of origin.

The Global Refugee forum provides an opportunity for states and stakeholders to declare tangible pledges, highlight progress, share best practices, and take heed of challenges and opportunities henceforth. The Forum is co-convened by six states–Colombia, France, Japan, Jordan, Niger, and Uganda, in acknowledgment of their shared commitment to offering a safe refuge to individuals fleeing from conflict and persecution.

Rose Mashimbo Nafisa: AVSI’s voice at the Second Global Refugee Forum

Owing to Uganda's cutting-edge refugee policies, which permit refugees to work and travel without restriction, Rose Mashimbo Nafisa was able to attain employment with organizations such as Stand for Change and Unity, ILO PROSPECTS, and AVSI.

Therefore, she remains committed to using her status to empower her fellow refugees through trainings and mentorship that have boosted their self-efficacy and livelihoods.

Rose Mashimbo Nafisa's story touches on every aspect of being a refugee. At the Global Refugee Forum, her story will be valuable to future prospects, engagements, and support in realization of refugee-related programs. Her personal experiences will serve as a basis for the discussions on how to obtain sustainable solutions that will enhance resilience and self-reliance for the 1.5 million refugees and asylum seekers in Uganda.