AVSI has endorsed the Misconduct Disclosure Scheme

This commitment reflects our policy of zero tolerance towards exploitation, sexual abuse and harassment since the staff recruitment process

Misconduct Disclosure Scheme logo
Countries Italy
Date 13.06.2023

The Misconduct Disclosure Scheme is a memorandum of understanding between various organizations, facilitated by the Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response, to encourage the sharing of information useful for preventing the spread of incorrect behavior related to abuse, exploitation and harassment in the humanitarian sector.

The Misconduct Disclosure Scheme facilitates sharing of misconduct data between employers. It is currently implemented by over 190 organizations.

AVSI has chosen, together with the biggest international organizations, to join and then to guarantee even more transparency and attention to the 10 million people who are involved in our projects every year.

By adhering to this protocol, organizations have the opportunity to request and share information on individuals who have been found guilty of misconduct during previous assignments during the rectrutment process.

AVSI continues to demonstrate its commitment to the zero tolerance policy towards sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment and towards unethical behaviour. This is why we have chosen to join the Misconduct Disclosure Scheme to make our recruitment process even more transparent. This agreement is a key factor for AVSI to recruit candidates who respect our values, our code of conduct. Thanks to this protocol, we will proceed with a systematic check of the references to verify any previous misconduct

Chiara Savelli, AVSI Human Resources Manager