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AVSI for community.
New paths of autonomy and integration.

AVSI for community is a multi-service centre designed to meet the needs of migrants in Italy. A space of inclusivity and closeness in Milan. A place of exchange and meetings for the entire community.


Information for migrants

A listening space, to intercept needs, to spread information, to direct people to the appropriate services.

Phone +39 0267 498 83 68
WhatsApp +39 340 825 18 26

[you can speak with us in English, Ukrainian and Italian]


Document support

For Ukrainians: support to obtain the temporary protection visa.


Support to fragile asylum seekers (over 60 and undocumented, pregnant women) for recognition of international protection.

Phone +3902674988368
WhatsApp +393408251826

Access to employment

Jobs orientation interviews for foreign citizens to:

  • Assess their skills
  • prepare their Curriculum vitae
  • access training paths
  • find job offers that match their profile

Phone +3902674988368
WhatsApp +393408251826

[you can speak with us in English, Ukrainian and Italian]

Training courses

  • Italian language courses (from A1 to C2 levels)
  • Technical language courses relevant to work activities
  • Soft-skills training
  • Technical and vocational training.



Orientation to local services

  • Informational support for families hosting refugees.
  • Informational counselling for migrants to access existing services to achieve full autonomy (e.g., social and health care assistance and social integration services).

Phone +3902674988368
WhatsApp +393408251826

[you can speak with us in English, Ukrainian and Italian]



Your time and your skills for the community: AVSI for community aims to be a place of exchange, meeting, and testimony that welcomes social, cultural, and volunteering initiatives.

We also offer active citizenship courses.

If you want to contribute to the centre’s services, write to us:


Social activation

AVSI for community periodically organizes socio-educational activities and welcomes proposals and initiatives from the territory to:

  • learning support for foreign and non-foreign students.
  • workshops to promote integration open to the whole community.

Write to us to receive updates on upcoming activities or propose a collaboration:


AVSI for community is the hub of a network that involves institutions, companies, and associations throughout Italy to offer services provided by the centre in Milan at a national level.


Introduce us to your reality to activate possible synergies:


Contact and opening hours

  • Address: Viale Monza 79, 20131, Milan. MM Rovereto [Line 1]
  • Opening hours to the public: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm (by appointment only)
  • Contact [you can speak with us in English, Ukrainian and Italian]
    • Phone +3902674988368
      WhatsApp +393408251826
    • E-mail forcommunity@avsi.org
      For specific services, refer to the contacts indicated in the “services” section
AVSI for community milano
AVSI for community Milano, viale Monza 79

Who we are

AVSIa non-profit organization founded in 1972, implements development cooperation projects and humanitarian aid in 40 countries, including Italy.

From the HelpUkraine Hub to the AVSI for community centre: our history

A few weeks after the beginning of the war in Ukraine, AVSI mobilized to help people in Ukraine, at the border, and in Italy. In Italy, the very first initiative to assist those fleeing the war in Ukraine was the establishment of an information and coordination point. This centre aimed to centralize support services for Ukrainian refugees and connect those who offer help with those in need of it. Then, this initiative found a home in a space in Milan provided on free granting by UniCredit Bank. On May 16th, the Help Ukraine HUB was inaugurated at Viale Monza 79, and it now serves as the headquarters for AVSI for community activities.

The project partners

AVSI for community is a multi-service centre in a space given on free granting by UniCredit Bank.

It is an initiative carried out in association with: Associazione San Martino, Famiglie per Accoglienza, Fondazione Verga, CIR rifugiati, Cooperativa sociale Mondo Aperto, Consorzio Farsi Prossimo, Associazione I Bambini Dell’Est, CDO Opere Educative, Cometa, Welcomed.

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