fada2i libano

AVSI’s home in south Lebanon

Fadaii is a multifunctional center built on a plot of land donated by the Maronite Archibishop of Tiro in Qlayaa, in Marjayoun plain, south Lebanon. It was designed to give AVSI a physical dimension in the area, a place where the community can "experience AVSI" 365 days a year and not just for a specific project.

Thanks to a few private donors’ involvement, a cooperation with the internationally renowned architect Mario Botta was established. He planned the structure free of charge: a three-storeys center (of 350 square meters each) inaugurated on 5th July 2023.

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The purpose of this center is to be a reference point for over 100,000 people offering answers to the practical needs of the community: a “friendly space” that can be shaped and changed according to the needs.

What we do at Fadaii

fada2i_servizi per bambini

Psychosocial services for the children and their families (thanks to a professional team that includes social workers, psychologists, speech therapists, psychomotor therapists and teachers).

Recreational activities, art therapy and sport activities for the psychosocial well-being of the children and their families.


Remedial and after-school courses for children

fada2i uno spazio per giovani libanesi e rifugiati

A meeting space for young people

Psychosocial group activities for adolescents, parents and caregivers


Literacy courses for women

Food production and processing courses


Professional training for farmers

In Arabic Fadaii means “my universe”, a space where each of us likes to imagine himself or where he would like to be but which often remains just a wish. The attempt to make this dream a reality is the basis of this project.

Marco Perini, AVSI Regional Manager

Fadaii, a story of courage

2019 : The start of the works and the support of the Tents campaign

The construction starts in June and proceeds at a good pace. The supporting structure is completed by the end of the year. Meanwhile, hundreds of people in Italy supports the project by contributing to the "Get in the game with us" . Tents campaign

fadaii avsi libano inzio cantiere 2019
2019 - The start of the works to build Fadaii

2020 - 2023: work continues between pandemic and economic crisis

AVSI in libano, fadaii cantiere pandemia
The building site during the pandemic

The works have gone through a pandemic, an unprecedented economic crisis, the explosion of the port of Beirut. While slowing down, we have never stopped moving forward and building. The construction of the Fadaii center represents a story of courage, passion, endurance.

"Seeing the work continue, now that the future appears even more uncertain, is a sign of hope" the inhabitants of the Marjayoun plain (south Lebanon) told us in 2020, the year of the pandemic.

June 2023: Fadaii center is ready

Fadaii, casa AVSI nel sud del Libano
The Fadaii building completed

July 5 2023: the inauguration

More than 130 people attended the inauguration of the center (about the event). At the ribbon-cutting ceremony there were present founding members, private donors and partners who have made concrete contributions to the completion of the work over the years, and a number of families of children supported through the distance support program representing the community.

partecipanti all'inaugurazione di Fadaii, la casa di AVSI nel sud del Libano
Participants at the inauguration of Fadaii, AVSI's home in southern Lebanon

Among the institutional guests: numerous civil, religious and military authorities, UNIFIL Sector Commander in Marjayoun, Nicoletta Bombardiere, Italian Ambassador to Lebanon, Monsignor Charbel Abdallah, Archbishop of Tyre, Wissam Jamil El Hayek, Prefect of Marjayoun.

Taglio del nastro di Fadaii, casa AVSI nel sud del Libano
The ribbon-cutting moment of Fadaii, an AVSI house in southern Lebanon

Fadaii has a special value for all AVSI. It represents the way we work, reflects it and nurtures it at the same time. Because it was born from an intuition of the people who work here, it picks up on people's genuine need and -- by networking different actors: cooperation workers, local institutions, civil society, religious communities, refugee communities, donors, professionals -- tries to find new but effective ways to respond to that need. Fadaii was made only with private resources and that meant asking for money from all our donors: people, companies and those who did the tent campaign events; only in Italy we recorded 952 donations. Then we did it by involving our founding members-specifically those who help us by intercepting resources-Support International, AVSI Sudtirol, AVSI USA, Avaid.

Giampaolo Silvestri, AVSI general secretary during the inauguration speech of the Fadaii center

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