Present in the country since 1993, we carry out educational, social and economic development projects in support of the population in the West Bank


AVSI has been present in the country since 1993 with projects on education, the development of small businesses and small-scale craft industries in the West Bank. AVSI has been working in different sectors, taking into account the diverse need of vulnerable people living there in Palestine and the collaboration with important private and public local institutions.

Working for future generations. Education is a key theme in Palestine, where the attendance rate in secondary schools doesn't reach more than 65%. That is why AVSI promotes access to education for children through programs of inclusion in public and private institutions in East Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jericho.

For social and educational inclusion. In Palestine, the vulnerability of people with disabilities is exacerbated by extreme poverty, high unemployment and continuing political instability. AVSI's work seeks to support the social inclusion of young people with disabilities through the provision of individual educational plans at school and vocational training courses to strengthen their independence.

Inclusion in the job market and sustainable development. AVSI works to promote full and productive employment, and decent work for the most vulnerable population. Support projects have been implemented for the creation of micro-entreprises and for an increase in job opportunities for vulnerable people.

Prevention of violence. In Palestine, violence against women is an increasingly widespread problem, and it is growing especially in isolated areas like the villages in the Jordan Valley. AVSI implements activities on the prevention of violence for young women and men, and for their families, within public schools in Jericho and in the Jordan Valley.

Health and WASH. AVSI is committed to improve the quality of health services for students, using mobile clinics, and to provide schools with potable water - inaccessible good in some structures - and the access to sanitation facilities.

Turism. AVSI proposes the development of the tourism sector in the Palestinian Territories, by supporting disadvantaged families and youth, and also the public and private sector.

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