We have been operating in the country since 1997 with educational and health care work.

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Founding members

Supporting the population. Thanks to the distance support program, AVSI supports nearly 700 children and their families 9 regions of the country. Over the years, we have supported the construction of a multipurpose educational center, the upgrade of Valona Hospital and other hygiene and child care work (with the construction of over twenty daytime education centers) and the advancement of women with job placements.

For the refugees of war. During the war in Kosovo and immediately after, AVSI carried out emergency social, healthcare and food projects, helping refugees. AVSI has supported over 120 Kosovan refugee families and 400 children, and managed 16 shelters. During the post-conflict period, AVSI has carried out educational and training activities in the 20 educational day centers located throughout Albanian territory, renovating schools and providing socio-educational assistance.

The partnership with SHIS. Since the beginning of its work here, AVSI has collaborated with the local NGO, SHIS (International Association for Solidarity) to implement educational projects (with actions to support education and after-school activities, through the "Little Prince" day care center), training through the "Kardinal Mikel Koliqi" Center for Lifelong Learning, support for women micro entrepreneurs through the creation of Rozafa Foundation. AVSI and SHIS also implements projects in order to promote human rights and social inclusion and to prevent radicalism and extremism among the youth.

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