The reforestation activities of AVSI and AVAID supported by FOSIT in the Dominican Republic

As part of the Mangroves and Poverty project, in partnership with AVAID and thanks to FOSIT funds, AVSI organizes activities to protect the mangroves, which are fundamental for the biodiversity of the Dominican Republic.  

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Date 08.06.2023

In the Dominican Republic, the mangrove ecosystem plays a fundamental role in the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the northern coastal area.

The lack of a sustainable management system and community awareness of the importance of their protection is causing a loss of these trees and endangering biodiversity.

On Environment Day which is celebrated all over the world on June 5, AVSI organized a reforestation activity in the Los Conucos lagoon, in the north of the country, in order to raise awareness in the community and favor the conservation and protection of the ecosystem. The Ministry of the Environment and Forestry Resources supplied the seedlings produced in the ministerial nursery of Montecristi and people from the community were involved in the planting. In particular were involved young people, women and the local associations Fundación Demetrio Almonte, Sociedad Ecológica Parque de Montecristi (SEPAM), Asociación la Conuquera de Montecristi, Asociación de Pescadores las Protegedora de Montecristi.

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The activity took place within the project "Inclusive mangrove management model as a strategy to fight poverty". The initiative is supported by FOSIT (Federation of Italian-Swiss Organizations) and implemented by AVSI Dominican Republic and AVAID (founding member of AVSI Foundation) together with local partners Centro de Investigación y Promoción Social – CIPROS and SOH Conservacion.