Lebanon: a shade to learn

Date 21.05.2021

Kamil (alias name) is registered under the Back-to-the-Future project. In the shadow of the banana tree, Kamil spends the time learning and playing with his 7 siblings. The 12-year-old boy arrived to Lebanon with his family in 2016 following the unrest in Syria and settled in a tent in a banana field in Jbeil (Byblos).

Upon its arrival, the family faced difficulties registering the children at schools. The mom was informed that the schools have reached their maximum capacity. “All the Syrian population was in Lebanon” she explains. Since the children didn’t attend school previously, the second obstacle was the education level gap of the children compared to their age.

After she was informed about the program through the neighbors, Kamil’s mother reached out to the "Back to the Future" project and her son was quickly registered following a visit from the program to their house. “I didn’t face any single issue during the registration process” she says.

Now in the Basic Literacy and Numeracy Program (BLN), Kamil receives his lessons on his mother’s phone through an internet bundle provided by the project. He studies Mathematics, Arabic, and French. “I like to learn, I like to become educated. My dream is to become a heart surgeon, to help people” he adds.

2021 - Lebanon - BTTF - Kamil 1
2021. Lebanon - BTTF - Kamil 3

Since Kamil is learning remotely, the lessons have become an activity for the whole family. His sisters, who are not part of the program for the time being as they are young, also participate in the lessons sent under the “Can Wait to Learn” Program, following the footsteps of their brother.

“My dream before my death is for my children to get an education. If they go anywhere, they will know how to read and not get lost” affirms the mother. Kamil didn’t know how to read and write at the beginning, but his mother can witness the progress now. She relates how when Kamil accompanies her to the mini-market, he can do the basic calculation of what to pay and what change to expect in return.

For her, this is an example of how learning will protect her son from possible acts of fraud in the future. she adds: Education is the best thing one can get in life”. For every child you taught how to write their name on a paper, or the names of their father and mother, this is an achievement seen by God. Wishing you all the success wherever you go” .

About the "Back to the Future" project

Back to the Future is funded by the European Union in Lebanon , through the EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis, the EU Madad Fund, and implemented in partnership by AVSI Middle East , Terre des Hommes Italy in Lebanon and War Child Holland in Lebanon.