Lebanese children get Back to the Future by exploring the past

Date 13.10.2021

Under the Back to the Future project, and in collaboration with the Biladi association, active in protecting and preserving cultural heritage, "Live your Heritage" is a series of field trips to different touristic locations for children from different schools in Lebanon, introducing them to the valuable heritage of their country.

This activity aims at reconstructing a positive image of their homeland and strengthening their attachment to it.

Students undergoing a summer remedial program from public schools in Jebchit, Zeita, and Baysoor, along with children from the Scouts of National Education - Southern Commission, made many trips over the last few weeks.

From the ruins of Tyre, passing through the Sea Castle in Sidon, the Soap Museum, and the Old Souks, going up to Beiteddine and Deir El Qamar, to reach the Beqaa and visit Taanayel, Anjar and the temple of Baalbek, the children got the chance to create beautiful memories and receive valuable information while interacting with expert tour guides.

AVSI Live Your Heritage 2

About Back to the Future

Back to the Future is funded by the European Union, through the EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis, the EU Madad Fund, and implemented in partnership with AVSI, Terre des Hommes Italy in Lebanon, and War Child Holland in Lebanon.