Graduating to resilience webinar series

AVSI is organizing a webinar series to present lessons and results of the Graduation approach. The first webinar will take place on April 24 “Adaption of the Graduation approach”

Since the launch of the Graduating to Resilience Activity this initiative has enhanced the lives of over 13,000 households in Uganda.

In partnership with Trickle Up and AIR and with the support of USAID, the Graduation model is reducing poverty and improving psycho-social well-being.

As we mark this significant milestone, we organize a series of global events designed to share the insights and achievements from this transformative program and the model. These gatherings will serve as platforms for learning, discussion, and collaboration, aiming to showcase the Graduation model as a global benchmark.

Webinar calendar 

The first webinar will take place on April 24 “Adaption of the Graduation approach”

gtr webinar

Here the following webinar series

  • May – Nutrition and food security – Evolution of the Theory of change
  • June – Gender transformation and women’s empowerment - Self-Reliance and Resilience
  • July – Agricultural productivity, diversification, poverty trap: How to Sequence Livelihoods Interventions
  • August – Resilience and durable outcomes - How did accountability influences adaptation processes