Date 05.11.2021

Events about our projects

2 AVSI events selected by The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) to be part of the Sustainable Development Festival 2021, created to raise awareness on social, economic and environmental sustainability >

  1. the closing event of our Mustaqbaluna project to foster entrepreneurship in Palestine, (on September 28, 2021)
  2. the event "Renewable energy in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique", launching a video on our Ilumina project, on October 20)

AVSI’s contributions to the common debate (G. Silvestri about the special diplomacy of the NGOs; A. Galimberti about clean cooking)

  • NGOs as ministries of foreign affairs: an original interpretation of AVSI mission according to Corriere della Sera (Italian newspaper). An interview with G. Silvestri, our Secretary General.
  • An article by A. Galimberti, our senior technical advisor for Climate Change, on Friends of

News about the activities of our projects

  • in DR of the Congo, our pilot project of electrification based on solar and hydroelectric energy in Idjwi island implemented thanks to the cooperation between the Congolese Government and the Ministry of Ecological Transition on Bkinfos, Congolese newspaper -

  • in Kenya, the final official event of #Maziwa project in Meru funded by AICS on Avvenire - - - -

  • in Mexico, a #EU funded project to train and support 800 youth on Periodico Correro (Mexican newspaper)

  • in Iraq, our distance support program and share impactful stories of sponsored children and families told by Sara Melotti (popular Italian documentary photographer and influencer) in a chat with Eliana Hysollari, project manager for AVSI #Iraq on @avsi_foundation IG account

  • in Italy, the official launch of the Italian project funded by Italian Governement: on this page the complete press review

Response to emergency in Haiti