Masp, our founding member, is present in the country.

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Founding members

A migration crossroads. Kazakhstan is the most economically developed and politically stable Central Asian country. Full of natural resources, it attracts many refugees from Central Asia, China and, especially, Afghanistan. Thousands of people look for stability here after years of war.

The presence of refugees is concentrated just a few kilometers from the border with Kyrgyzstan, in the Almaty area. And right here AVSI and MASP (Mezhdunarodnaja Associacija Socialnykh Proektov) are working together. We have some active projects to help refugees to deal with problems related to educating children and adults, the cost of living, integration, compounded by limited opportunities to find work.

In addition to the areas of Almaty most at risk (Turksibskij, Bostandiksky, Ilijskij), AVSI and MASP operate in the cities of Kaskilen and Cimkent.

Distance support. Our distance support program began in 2005, thanks to the collaboration with MASP. This is for children living in situations of hardship, abandonment or who come from extremely poor families, generally resident outside the city. Many of them live in orphanages or in accommodation within some schools, where they reside throughout the school year.

Thanks to distance support, MASP can follow these children with the help of qualified personnel both within these structures and at home, through various types of consulting aimed at different recipients: physical rehabilitation and socio-educational activities for children with disabilities, training social workers, preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS among adolescents and young people, vocational training and help to integrate those most at risk into the workplace.