“We desire peace”. Launching AVSI 23-24 Tents Campaign

The theme of peace is again the focus of our annual awareness-raising and fundraising campaign, a concrete answer to the question “What can I do for peace?”

Date 11.10.2023
Author Maria Laura Conte, AVSI communication director

Our projects, paths of peace

We desire peace. Let's give it faces, ours: this year our Tents Campaign, an annual popular awareness and fundraising campaign, chooses the peace theme because it is perceived by all of us as an urgency. Like a desire constantly present in our days, at least as pervasive as the fear of war can be. A desire which, as it grows, fuels the need to get involved personally, to do something useful for those who live in conflict contexts, in bombed areas, in places marked by unjust and relentless violence. If we are loyal to our heart, we cannot help but listen to the question that arises within us: "What can I do for peace?".

The Tents Campaign 2023-24 proposes that we face this question, it invites not pass over in silence our need to take action for peace, aware that even the smallest contribution, we can offer, has within itself a generative force, capable of triggering peacebuilding processes.

Supporting AVSI is one of these, because every development project aims to create or strengthen the conditions in which people and their communities can live fully and with dignity. Let's give faces to peace, ours: peace begins with us, from our desire to open ourselves to the world and to others, recognized as a good.

This is documented by the AVSI projects, that this Tent Campaign will support and which contribute to the task that we have: working for a world in which the person, aware of his value and dignity, is the protagonist of his own and his community's integral development . Always, even in crisis and emergency contexts

The 23-24 Campaign launch event (Milan, Thursday 12 October)

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