Date 30.10.2018

Why this title

Your name is Maria or Francesco, you move every day in Milan, or Rome or Naples. You work or go to school, cope with things to do, worries, duties, chores, trying to be happy. Among your loved ones, work, health and leisure.

Your name is Rana or Amir or Sharon, you move every day either in a city threatened by bombs, perhaps between bombing rubbles, or in the narrow and muddy alleys of a slum or refugee camp. You get away every day with the most urgent needs, to assure a meal, school, health. You get along among your loved ones, work, health and rest. Trying to recognize in instability or poverty, that detail or value that as a hold may bring you up again and help you to be happy.

Circumstances around us may change, but we can say that the sky under which we move is the same, even at different cardinal points. And precisely this awareness of being each and every one under the same sky, highlights with greater transparency the injustice of situations that are not acceptable, in front of which it is not possible to remain comfortable and turn our head away.

On this new awareness AVSI’s new Tents Campaign intends to work: there is a concrete way to cut the distance between us and those still living in war in Syria, as refugees in Brazil, in poverty in Burundi-Kenia, as refugees or homeless in Italy.

This possibility lays in one simple personal move: to widen our eyes, to lean on that shared sky, to recognize that I can also contribute with my move, my attention, my desire to know and to donate some of my time and money , to get close, we would say to become neighbors of those who are far away.

Under the same sky, aware that we also have a destiny in common. A good destiny.

The projects

This year we feature the following projects