Ugandan Oguru Primary school story: born under a tree and now completely renovated

Date 04.10.2018

In 1958, Oguru Primary, a catholic founded school in Uganda begun under a tree. It gradually grew into a community–based primary school owned by tribal clans of Acholi thus the name “Oguru” meaning a group of clans.

The school was recognized as a community–based primary school by Government of Uganda in 1996. The two grass thatched classrooms built by parents were destroyed during the insurgency in Northern Uganda, when Gulu District Local Government constructed permanent classrooms which were later occupied by Government soldiers.

The dilapidated buildings were renovated by AVSI Foundation in 2011, and a library, food store, two classrooms and staffroom block of four units constructed with funding from Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano, Italy in 2018.

Watch the video documenting the story of the school