The thematic regional meeting Migrants, refugees and communications in Ivory Coast, November 5th to 7th

Date 05.11.2019

Migration in all its forms and social, economic, cultural and security implications is at the heart of the international debate and of most of AVSI's projects. A theme that is increasingly linked to that of communication, which plays an essential role in disseminating correct information for conscious migration and an objective narrative of the phenomenon, taking into account the needs of migrants, refugees and the host community.

The importance of the migration issue has led AVSI to develop interventions at the international level in Africa, in the Middle East, in Latin America and in Italy, which will be the focus of the thematic regional meeting "Migrants, refugees and communications" taking place in Abidjan from November 5th to 7th.

In Ivory Coast, AVSI is involved in two awareness-raising projects to combat irregular immigration, with the European Union (New Hope) and the Italian Bishops' Conference, for the reintegration of returning and potential migrants.

The thematic meeting aims to define the fundamental points of AVSI's approach to the migration challenge, respecting its own identity and in the light of the new global trends and conventions signed by international organizations.

We want to compare the discussions with the field visits, one of the highlights of this international seminar. This will allow participants to speak with returnees that, thanks to AVSI, have received professional training to access the labor market and to start over.

Lorenzo Manzoni, Regional Manager AVSI Ivory Coast

Experts, professionals, associations, international organizations and donors will participate at the seminar. Among these the EU delegation to Ivory Coast, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Direction Générale des Ivoiriens de l'Extérieur (DGIE) and AVSI’s staff from Italy, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, Lebanon and Nigeria.