The most important resource #WorldWaterDay 2019

Date 22.03.2019

Recommended by the United Nations in 1992, the World Water Day - on March 22nd - focuses on the vital importance of this resource and its sustainable management.

Leaving No One Behind” is the theme chosen by UN Water for this year’s edition, with the idea of highlighting everyone’s right to water. In 2019, there are still more than 800 million people with no access to clean water, and AVSI is committed to facilitate the access to this inestimable resource with different projects around the world.

Republic of the Congo. The Integrated Project Hinda with Eni for a safe access to clean water

The project, funded by Eni and launched in 2018, is coordinated by AVSI and the company Oceana with activities for a proper management of water resources in the Districts of Hinda and Loango (Kouilou Department).

The local partner Oceana, hired by Eni to drill wells, is in charge of the infrastructural part for the access to clean water in the villages; AVSI has the objective of creating and training village committees for the management of the wells.

Among the awareness-raising and training activities for the local communities:

  • creation of 4 committees to manage water resources and the environment, with 55 direct beneficiaries involved (41 men and 14 women);
  • training on the proper use of water resources and their rationalization;
  • training on hygiene practices, care and cleaning of the wells;
  • activities to counter vandalism against the infrastructures;
  • strengthening of financial management, communication and transparence towards the local communities involved.

AVSI’s actions will benefit around 4000 people in the two districts, mitigating the risks of waterborne diseases and reducing the distances to collect this resource.

The Integrated Project Hinda, in line with the theme “Leaving No One Behind” chosen for the 2019 World Water Day, works to raise awareness on the importance of the so-called blue gold and to facilitate its access for everyone.