The “Cacaoteros” from Peru at the Salon du Chocolat of Milan

Date 06.03.2017
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AVSI and the Peruvian CEPROAA Cooperative (Cooperativa Central de Productores Agropecuarios de Amazonas) participated in the Salon du Chocolat, an international event held in Milan between 9th and 12th February.

This second edition of the event, attended by 34.000 people, welcomed producers and chocolate manufacturers to promote cocoa production and consumption by improving producers' competitiveness on the international market.

AVSI Foundation participated in the event together with the CEPROAA Cooperative, which is supported by AVSI through training for producers reaching more than 400 people in Bagua and Utcubamba provinces, in the Amazonas Region.

Cultivation of cocoa and coffee in the Amazonas Region, bordering Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil, is developing thanks to excellent weather and geological conditions and family farming. These products deriving from the fertile ground of the provinces of Bagua and Utcubamba are particularly appreciated by the international market.

During the last years AVSI in partnership with the Italo-Peruvian Fund (FIP) has been committed to accompanying more than 400 men and women along with their personal and professional growth in this sector in order to better use the country's potential and make it really competitive, even at an international level.