Sustainability and local development, the role of civil society

Date 04.03.2015
SETTORI Energia E Ambiente 1

A strategic alliance between Companies and Civil Society Organization (CSO's) allows to reach the real needs of people, filling the last mile gap. AVSI's experiences on the issue of sustainability and energy access were presented during a workshop at Feem (Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei).

Contribution of private business to development and in particular Oil & Gas industry, is doubtless a huge potential. Last “World energy outlook 2014” report, presented in December, 10th 2014 in Rome, highlighted how, particularly in Africa, only in four Countries more that 50% of the population has access to energy, while 620 million people (2/3 of the population) live without electricity.

This appears even more a paradox considering that around 30% of last five years hydrocarbon field discoveries, are located in sub-Saharan Africa. Some O&G Companies restarted thinking about their business model to promote and support local development. Energy access is certainly a determinant factor for development. This creates problems of infrastructures (on grid and off grid) and of energy efficiency from sources (biomasses) now prevalently used.

A strategic alliance between Companies and Civil Society Organization (CSO's) allows to know and therefore to reach the real needs of people (stakeholders), filling the last mile gap, actual critical point of all the infrastructures.

During a Workshop organized by FEEM in Milan, AVSI Foundation presented its experiences in the energy sector, trying to stress on the importance of the role of civil society organizations in the path of achieving goals.

The experiences are models of alliance between private business company and CSO's, all of which are focused on improving energy access and efficiency.