Strengthening the resilience of youth in Cabo Delgado

Date 26.05.2022

The Northern part of Mozambique is in a situation of fragility and crisis, increasing the needs of both host communities and internally displaced persons (IDPs) for building resilience.
Since the outbreak of the crisis in Cabo Delgado in 2017, approximately 732,000 IDPs left their homes and livelihoods.
Young people between 15 and 24 years old are particularly affected by this situation of fragility and crisis.

Os jovens e o futuro - “Addressing the underlying root causes of fragility and strengthening the resilience of youth in Cabo Delgado” aims to address the root causes of fragility and crises in the districts of Pemba, Montepuez and Balama in the province Cabo Delgado by increasing resilience and enhancing socio-economic development for young people between 15 and 24 years old.
Thanks to financial support of the Belgian Development Cooperation, this project will provide economic opportunities for 1,114 young people through technical and vocational training in the most productive sectors, as well as strengthening their soft skills for improved resilience and better access to the labour market.
To this effect, the project will also increase the capacities of the local educational institutions.

More in particular, this project will enable:

  • Soft skills: 530 youth are supported in developing their soft skills including character development, leadership, workforce development, entrepreneurship and conflict resolution.
  • Technical skills: 440 youth will improve their technical skills through formal vocational training in the most productive sectors, including the sector of energy and renewable energies and agronomy.
  • Employment opportunities, including self-employment in existing and new markets, will be created for 740 young people.

These actions are of great interest as young people are facing severe challenges for socio-economic integration and are competing for very low-paid jobs.
The project also focuses on specific training for 3 technical institutes and 204 teachers including pedagogic and technical skills, aiming at strengthening their knowledge and competences.
Os jovens e o futuro started on February 2022 and will be implemented for 18 months by AVSI in collaboration with national and international partners.

The partners

Instituto Superior Dom Bosco: a private and non-profit higher education institution focused on the teachers’ trainings for the TVET sector. ISDB will be in charge of ToT and Vocational training for youth in soft skills (ministerial module) and technical and vocational courses.

Fondacao Khandlelo - Associação para o Desenvolvimento Juvenil: a Mozambican NGO founded in 1999. Khandlelo will be in charge of Life Skills training of Trainers, by adding a valuable content to the official modules; as well as to psychosocial support to youth all along the project.

RES4 Africa: a Foundation working to support Africa’s energy transition in order to achieve the SDG7 and ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

The Fondazione E35 for International Projects: established in 2015, aims to engage local actors in European and international relations and projects, funded also by EU and International Funds. E35 Foundation is the implementing partner of MAISPEMBA Project, led by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. Their role will be to develop the activities related to the Youth Innovation Hub, both for training and entrepreneurship actions.