SKY: Working in Uganda to create employment opportunities for 6,000 youth

Date 07.07.2016

The Skilling Youth for Employment in Agri-business (SKY) project, launched in November 2015, is already moving at full speed. Implemented by AVSI in Uganda thanks to funding from the Netherlands Embassy, the project's main goal is to enhance sustainable creation of employment of youth in the agribusiness sector in the areas of Lake Kyoga, Elgon, Lake Victoria Crescent, and South-Western Uganda over the next 5 years. Through SKY, AVSI will create employment opportunities for 6,000 youth, which will generate a total annual income of $4 million.

“The SKY project is a crucial contribution to job creation for young people, which is important for their own future, for farming in Uganda, and for strengthening agricultural commerce between Uganda and the Netherlands,” said the Netherlands Ambassador, Alphons Hennekens.

Through these four videos, you will be able to learn more about the SKY project and its four focus areas: investing in practical training, employment support for trained youth, skilling in strategic agribusinesses, and partnering with skilling Uganda Authority.

The project:

AVSI approach in Uganda:

The partnership with the National Union of Coffee Agribusiness and Farm Enterprises (Nucafe):

The partnership with Gayaza school: