Res4Africa Foundation and AVSI are launching the Micro-Grid Academy Digital Photo Contest 2021

Date 21.06.2021

Visual art plays an important role in building awareness and sharing knowledge, as well as encouraging to take action on fighting climate change.

For this reason, RES4Africa Foundation in collaboration with AVSI are organizing the Micro-Grid Academy Digital Photo Contest, an online photo-contest dedicated to the fight against climate change developed in the framework of the Micro-Grid Academy.

If you creatively capture the wonderful and inspiring moments of life with renewable energy as they unfold around you and in your community…

We want to see your peak experiences!

Take us there. Regardless of your tools or location, we want to see your unique perspective from the road, however you define it.

Share your expressions, thoughts, inspirations and accountability through a photo for community empowerment in Africa. This will be a wonderful and joyful experience that captures life around you in a scientific, social and environmental perspective.

The competition, starting from 18th of June 2021, is open to youth from all over the world passionate about Africa and environmental issues.

The photos submitted must fit into one of the three categories:

  • Climate change: awareness and community mobilization;

  • The role of RE technologies in tackling climate change;

  • Social inclusion of the most vulnerable to fight climate change.

Creativity in interpreting the theme is highly encouraged.

One winner for each cathegory will be awarded with a prize of 150€, credits and the publications on RES4Africa and AVSI websites.

The three winners will be announced to the public on the 28th of September 2021, on the occasion of the PRECOP26.

Click here to know how to apply. The deadline is July 20, 2021.