Renewable energy lights up an historical Syrian town

Date 17.11.2021

It is becoming increasingly clear that the transition to renewable sources of energy can no longer be delayed, not even in the small lanes of the old city of Maaloula, in Syria.

Here, AVSI Syria has installed 100 street lamps that are directly powered by solar energy and got more than 20 residents involved in a dedicated training on renewable energy, the maintenance of solar lights and the business of solar panels, conducted by an expert engineer.

The participants have widened their knowledge on the renewables sector and have acquired technical skills in the solar energy field, useful for their career.

These activities can be referred to as the pivot actions of the project “Rehabilitation of the historical city centre of Maaloula (Syria), through the installation of street solar lights”, funded by Polish Aid, in demonstration of the stong relationship of collaboration it continues to have with AVSI since 2018.

This is a pilot project for Syria, carried out also with the municipality of Maaloula.

IMG 20211112 WA0017
Solar Lamps

The initiative started in August and will end in December, 2021. By then, AVSI will continue to conduct awareness campaigns in the city, stressing the importance of fostering the transition to green energy, and will install other 10 solar street lights on larger roads, such as the main road entering the city.

The details of the project

Logo Polish Aid

“Rehabilitation of the historical city centre of Maaloula (Syria), through the installation of street solar lights”

Period of implementation: 17/08 - 15/12/2021

Donor: Polish Aid, 30,000 USD

Actions: purchase and installation of 100 street solar lamps (100W) and 10 street solar lamps for larger roads (850W), 24-hour-long training on renewable energy and solar panels to more than 20 participants

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