New AVSI logo. In three words the soul, the story, the challenge

Date 02.08.2016
DSC0012 2

It is a target in its history of more than forty years and at the same time a restart toward a new leading role in the "epochal change" we are living: it is the AVSI logo renewed through the insertion of a new color and a pay off that attempts to "steal" its soul and to concentrate it in a snapshot, in three words which are the expression of an awareness achieved through experience, but also of the desire to grow again.

Senza Titolo 2A new color: the traditional green is enhanced by the blue that integrates into the logo the three key words making up the pay off: People for development.

People: people first, the beneficiaries of development cooperation programs, those who implement them and those who support them, the "donors.”

Development: this is the field of action of AVSI. Even in emergencies, the horizon towards which AVSI is always looking is wider in space and time. Because it dares and believes it is possible to start development even in the most desperate situations.

And between these two pillars for, a conjunction evoking the tireless and passionate dynamism that marks our daily work at all latitudes.