Mozambique, new classes on the outskirts of Maputo

Date 30.06.2017

Chamanculo C is a historical neighborhood on the outskirts of Maputo, Mozambique, where almost 30,000 people live in precarious conditions. In Maputo, there is a shortage of everything, including schools. But thanks to a project funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), one of the schools in Chamanculo will be able to receive more children.

In the last months, Unidade 13 Elementary School went through a complete renovation, including the addition of a brand new wing. These activities were carried out by AVSI Foundation, in collaboration with the local NGOs Cesvitem and Khandlelo, and the Maputo Municipal Council.

On Wednesday June 7, the school was officially reopened by the Mozambican Deputy Minister of Education and Human Development, Armindo Ngunga, alongside the Ambassador of Italy in Mozambique, Marco Conticelli, the President of the Municipal Council of Maputo, David Simango, and Fabio Melloni, AICS representative in Maputo.

In addition to renovating school buildings, the AICS project aims to improve the quality of teaching and reduce the school dropout rate. The main goal is to enrich the living conditions of the community in informal neighborhoods, especially Chamanculo C.