Mexico. Dealing with climate change together with the new generations

Date 27.05.2019
María Messico Climate Change

We need to fix all the damages we caused to our planet: by damaging the earth, we hurt ourselves. We, young people, are the future of the country and the whole planet. You, adults, should help us save the world you are leaving us!

Kiara, student

Kiara is a young Mexican student who intervened at the “Expo Ciencia Educación y Comunidad para un Futuro Sostenible” on May 9 in El Espinal, Oaxaca State. 600 students of the region, with their teachers and parents, participated in the event organized by AVSI in the framework of the project “Reactivación Educativa en el Istmo de Tehuantepec”. Kiara has presented one of the 21 science projects on climate change displayed at the event, the result of the work of 30 participants of the course to teach young generations the importance of environmental protection.

During the final conference, Father Corral Merino of the Mexican Episcopal Conference has stated that “human beings are the main resource of our planet, and for this reason they have the responsibility to take care of the environment, our common home”.

AVSI’s intervention in support of the community of Istmo de Tehuantepec has been made possible thanks to the donations of Enel Group and Enel Cuore Onlus employees around the world. In the framework of the same project, two classrooms of the Cobao 02 school of El Espinal have been rehabilitated with sanitary facilities, after the structure was severely damaged because of the earthquake.