Date 26.08.2019

Cooperation, development, distance support program and fighting inequalities, these were AVSI's keywords for this year's Rimini Meeting. Once again AVSI has shared with thousands of visitors its daily commitment in 32 countries around the world.

The stand

The Distance Support Program (DSP) has been the core of AVSI's stand and of the installation curated by Vita, with images and moments of the project "Dante in Kibera": a theatre performance inspired by the Divine Comedy that involved 140 children and teenagers from the slum in Nairobi.

Watch again all the events (Italian):

With Samuele Otim Rizzo, chief of party of the "Skilling Youth for Employment in Agribusiness (SKY)" project, and the youngsters that participated in the summer camp in Kampala

With Daniele Mazzone, deputy country director AVSI Iraq, and the catering association Avsignam

With Maria Bianucci, journalist and "godmother", Marco Trevisan and Emanuela Salandini involved in the distance support program in Uganda

With prof. Mario A. Maggioni, director of the Research Centre in Cognitive and Communication Sciences (CSCC) of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and Lucia Castelli, AVSI Child Protection Senior Advisor

With: Rose Busingye, nurse and founder of Meeting Point International in Kampala; Massimo Favilli, member and Communication Director at Unicoop Tirreno; Lamas Wabwire Maiyah, young actor, student in Cardinal Otunga School, Nairobi (Kenya); Damiano Tommasi, president of the Italian Footballers Association; Giorgio Vittadini, president of the Foundation for Subsidiarity. Introduced by Giampaolo Silvestri, General Secretary of AVSI Foundation.

  • Monday, 19th August - Dino Amadori, Emeritus Scientific Director of the Oncology Centre IRST IRCCS, Founder and President of Cancer Institute in Romagna IOR; Francesco Giuliani, ICT Director, Innovation and Research, IRCCS Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza Hospital; Elisa Mattavelli, Sales Manager Emme Esse M.S. – PHYSICO; Matteo Moscatelli, Head of Digital Services Siemens Healthineers; Maria Ricci, AVSI Foundation Private Partnership Coordinator. Introduced by Gian Franco Gensini, Italian Society of Telemedicine.
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Meetings at the International Arena

AVSI has been one of the protagonists of the International Arena, space created thanks to the new collaboration between different realities – European Unione (DEVCO), Italian Cooperation (DGCS-AICS), AVSI, Concord Italia, ASviS e the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – that share the same commitment in the field of international cooperation and development within the SDGs framework.

  • Sunday, 18th August - Giorgio Ficarelli, International Relations Officer for Culture, European Commission, DG DEVCO; Lamas Wabwire Maiyah, young actor, student in Cardinal Otunga school, Nairobi (Kenya); Antonino Masuri, AVSI Kenya, Program Coordinator for project Dante in Kibera, Nairobi slum; Marco Martinelli, Director from Teatro delle Albe, who has realized theater workshops in Kenya. Introduced by Riccardo Bonacina, Founder of Vita.
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  • Monday, 19th August - Alessandro Galimberti, AVSI, Focal Point Climate Change; Marco Margheri, Presidente del World Energy Council – Italia; Francesca Oliva, AVSI, Focal Person for Energy and Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives; Roberto Zoboli, Professore di Politica Economica, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Introduce Stefano Signore, Capo unità per Energia sostenibile e Cambiamento climatico, Commissione Europea DG DEVCO.
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  • Monday, 19th August - Simona Beretta, Professor of International Economics at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan; Maria Rosa De Paolis, Programme Officer for Occupation, Cohesion and Social Protection at European Commission, DG DEVCO; Rejoice Namale, Founder of the Youth Arise Network in Malawi and Young Leader 2019; Samuele Rizzo, AVSI, Responsible for Sky Project, a project for training and job placement in Uganda. Introduced by Vincenzo Giardina, Journalist for Dire Agency.
  • Tuesday, 20th August - ​Charline Burton, Executive Director for Europe, Search for Common Ground; Wael Farouq, Professor of Arabic Language and Literature at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan; Stefano Manservisi, Director General, European Commission DG DEVCO; Ranieri Sabatucci, EU Ambassador to the African Union (Maisha Project). Introduced by Maria Laura Conte, Communication Director AVSI Foundation.
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  • Wednesday, 21st August - Giancarla Boreatti, Coordinator of the Refugee Network for AVSI Foundation, on the project together with DGHOme and with Italian Episcopal Conference for combating illegal immigration; Jean-Marc Dewerpe, Team Leader and Trust Fund Manager for West Africa, European Commission DG DEVCO; Seidou Konatè, President of Cooperative Ballafon Italy and Ivory Coast, partner of the AVSI project; Ranieri Sabatucci, EU Ambassador to the African Union. Introduced by Alessandro Banfi, Journalist.
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  • Wednesday, 21st August - Andrea Bianchessi, AVSI Foundation, Regional Manager Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda and Somalia; Franco Conzato, Senior Expert, European Commission DG Devco; Rejoice Namale, Founder of Youth Arise Network in Malawi and Young Leader 2019; Chiara Puletti, Communication Unit, European Commission DG DEVCO. During the meeting screening of the video testimony of Bangio Ali, AVSI, Social worker in Dadaab, Kenya. Introduced by Rosalba Carbutti, Journalist for Il Resto del Carlino.
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