Lebanon. Fadaii – my universe. AVSI’s home for the community

Date 05.11.2019

With 12 years of presence in the South of Lebanon, today AVSI is the only international NGO operating enduringly in the Marjayoun plain.

This year, the Fadaii project begins to build a reception centre that will be the reference point for more than 100 thousand people, offering answers to the needs of the community.

A meeting space for young people, educational psychology services for children and their families, literacy courses, vocational training for farmers, a place that will shape and organize spaces to meet the needs of those who will attend it. Mario Botta, an architect who has designed prestigious buildings all over the world, has designed the structure pro bono.


Started in December 2018, the construction of the reception centre has now reached the second floor. The funds for this campaign will be used to realize: the roof, the stone cladding, the fixtures, the electrical and hydraulic systems and furniture. The facility is expected to be completed by summer 2020.

People involved

Over 100 thousand people. Every day 150 people will meet at Fada2i

For more information and donations contact: Marco Ponselè, at +39 3493093100 or via email at retesostenitori@avsi.org