Lebanon Emergency. #LoveBeirut

Date 06.08.2020

#LOVEBEIRUT. Following a major explosion that ripped through the Beirut Port on August 4 and devastated much of the city, AVSI is ready to accompany the most vulnerable families. Our goal is to alleviate pain and support the recovery of a country already on its knees due to an economic meltdown. Half of the population was already living below the poverty line before the explosion.

The explosion knocked down walls and blew out windows, leaving behind decimated homes that most people cannot afford to rebuild.

You can help us support the most impoverished families in Lebanon, those who will not receive loans from banks, who were already struggling to get to the end of the month even before the incident, and those in which only one member works, sometimes informally and occasionally. Most of the time, these families are the last to receive any support and are often excluded from safety net programs.

What we are going to do

  • An AVSI social team will visit the popular neighborhoods of Jeitawi and Furn el Chebbak and, in collaboration with the local officials, will identify the poor families who need help to make their home safe.
  • An already operational technical team will intervene to identify needs and costs.
  • Small private companies selected, supervised and financed by AVSI, will repair the houses.
  • The family will also be accompanied from a psycho-social point of view to help them regain an almost normal life.

Goal: € 250,000 to allow poor families to return to their homes.

Costs: an essential rehabilitation intervention is estimated to cost between € 2,000 and € 2,500 each.

In this map you can follow the work in progress

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Reason: “Lebanon Emergency”

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