Jordan. Women and the right to feel safe in public spaces

Date 17.07.2019

Throughout the MENA shelter and settlement forum, organized by InterAction and the International Organization for Migration in Amman, AVSI introduced the multi-sectoral approach implemented from May 2018 and February 2019 in Jordan.

The “Integrated settlement approaches in Gweirah” focused on different issues, from environmental improvement of green infrastructures to women empowerment and social cohesion. AVSI worked together with the municipality towards a local development plan, stressing on the inclusion of women in the design and maintenance of public and safe spaces, as well as the cohesion between Jordanians and Syrians.

Through a close and transparent relation with the community, the authorities and the donor, the Integrated Approach proposed by AVSI in Gweirah opened new opportunities. Women empowerment through cash for work and the rehabilitation of public and green infrastructures was possible thanks to the support of GIZ, Deutsche Zusammenarbeit and the local government.

During the MENA shelter and settlement forum, AVSI had the chance to present the multi-sectoral approach in Gweirah, as well as other projects, joining discussion groups focused on Integrated Settlement Approaches.