Ivory Coast. A project to say no to female genital mutilations

Date 07.05.2019

“Let’s break the silence and say no to infibulation” is the slogan that follows the awareness-raising campaign against female genital mutilations that aims to reach 500 thousands people by the end of 2020.

Even though the Ivorian constitution forbids the practice, in Ivory Coast two women out of five are still victims of female genital mutilations, and in the North and West regions of the country 80% of women are affected.

The project, co-funded by the European Union and supported by the Ministry of family, women and minors, will be coordinated by AVSI and its local partner Fondation Djigui in the 6 Ivorian regions where the practice is more widespread (Kabadougou, Folon, Cavally, Guémon, Tonkpi and Bafing).

The initiative aims to inform and raise awareness on the problem of female genital mutilation to help people understand the consequences of this practice, in particular for maternal and child health. Essential is the role of civil society in the psychological, legal, medical and economic counselling to 500 women, victims of infibulation.

The crosscutting action addresses topics like gender equality and human rights, promoting an inclusive social development. The strengthening of 10 Civil Society Organizations and 8 platforms against gender-based violence is fundamental not only to fight against FGMs, but also to tackle those traditions that hinder gender equality.

Watch the report about the project coordinated by Lorenzo Manzoni, AVSI Country Representative in Ivory Coast, broadcasted on RTI 2 (from minute 5.30)