Italy. The extended house to share needs. The second year of solidarity

Date 05.11.2019

Currently located in Turin, Milan, Trieste, Rome, Naples and Madrid, the Sisters of Charity of the Assumption constitute a social reality that has acquired the new dimensions of home care: home intervention, nursing care, daytime reception of minors, educational commitment in the relationship with the school and the family, collaboration with local authorities and social services.

Entering homes by sharing the most basic needs, from illness to child-rearing, is the mission of the Sisters of Charity of the Assumption that AVSI wants to support through this year's tents campaign project.


Daily actions to promote recovery and growth processes for Italian and foreign families living in poverty, disease and loneliness in Milan, Trieste, Turin, Rome, Naples and Madrid

People involved

300 families

For more information and donations contact: Marco Ponselè, at +39 3493093100 or via email at