Italy. Close to those in need

Date 19.07.2020

The COVID-19 emergency has struck everybody, all around the world. Italy, AVSI headquartes country as well is in difficulty and the words “never too far away to meet each other”, that we use to indicate our solidarity and closeness also to those living in the most distant countries, become particularly appropriate today also for us Italians.

The health emergency has become an economic crisis that is striking many families dramatically.

Also those who never knew poverty before, are experiencing today a situation of not being able to pay for their food, their bills, the necessary tools for distance learning.

For this reason, AVSI today chooses to actively engage in aid projects for Italians, to stay with those who need help to start again.

Through a fundraising campaign we aim to

  • give psycho-social support to vulnerable children and their families (home visits by educators, training of social workers from partner structures to adapt their work to the new context)
  • supply tablets and computers for distance learning activities (summer homeworks, recovery lessons)
  • supply personal protective equipment, hygienic-medical material and essential medicines in the most dangerous situations (presence of sick and disabled people in the family).
  • guarantee economic and food support in cooperation and coordination with local partners (direct food aid and via “cash transfer” money transfers that can be used conditionally) to the “new poors”.
  • contribute to the recovery of Italian companies (purchase of materials or direct payment of utilities and bills) especially to the smallest ones which are involved in the world of tourism, catering, commerce and craftmanship

We want to help

- 400 children and teenagers

- 3400 families

- 150 small and medium companies

In Milan, Naples, Rome, Cesena and Vicenza

We work together with a network of partners in the area: the Martinengo Cooperative that works in collaboration with the Institute of the Sisters of Charity of the Assumption, the Portofranco study aid center, the Resilience Onlus association, the solidarity centers, the municipalities and the local authorities to guarantee “material support that meets the specific needs” of each family.