In the Top Ten of Italian NGOs: AVSI in first place for transparency and second for the 2019 budget

Date 05.02.2021

Open Cooperazione, the open data platform that aggregates the transparency data of Italian organizations active in the sector, publishes today the ranking of the organizations that have recorded the highest values (in terms of economic and human resources, donors, volunteers, projects) in the latest approved and published financial statements (2019).

In 2019 AVSI is confirmed among the top 10 Italian NGOs: AVSI is in first position for transparency, on an equal footing with others (rank 100%) and second for administered budget (80,475,535 euros + 18% compared to 2018).

Classifica Trasparenza Ong AVSI 1
Classifica Bilancio Entrate Ong AVSI 2

“AVSI continues to grow, both in Italy and internationally - says Giampaolo Silvestri AVSI Secretary General - In 2019 it recorded important results in terms of the number of approved projects and commitments undertaken with millions of people around the world, our beneficiaries in the first place. And this goal requires new attention, responsibility and care for every aspect of our work ”.

In the pandemic year, 2020, AVSI was engaged in all the countries, where it operates, searching for new solutions in order to not stop projects and continue to operate, even in emergencies, for sustainable development.

“We never stopped - continues Silvestri - we wanted to be anti-cyclical: we started the search for innovative activities; we have promoted proactive communication, together with fundraising campaigns that have reached new subjects; we have increased our attention to the project quality, thanks to an integrated way of working between headquarters and regional management. And we will have to relaunch again, both with a multi-stakeholder approach and with new partnerships. 2021 promises to be no less challenging than last year ".