Impact investing: the Executive Program on finance for development promoted by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and AVSI

Date 08.04.2019

The purpose of impact investing is combining financial gain with a positive impact on the environment and on the community.

The Executive Program "Including finance: impact investing for development", designed by ASERI and ALTIS in collaboration with AVSI Foundation and OPES Impact Fund, is intended for actors of the third sector. The program, focused on this new strategy, looks into effective forms of investments used to reach economic objectives at the local and international level, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations, and to provide services for the creation of an inclusive society.

Impact investing gives a practical and innovative possibility to strengthen the network that links investors and social, public and private innovators. Our Executive Program offers the chance to study, reflect and dialogue: it’s a debate on “what” to do, but also “why” and “how” to do impact investing.

Simona Beretta, Scientific Director of the Program and Full-Professor of Political Economy at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

The initiative is addressed to professionals of social services providers like public administrations, social enterprises, cooperatives and Ngos, as well as to investors interested in initiatives with a high social impact like financial institutions, philanthropic institutions, or public and private investors. The Executive Program is intended to give knowledge and competencies to favor the creation of partnerships between those who have investment capacities and those who demonstrate capacities to make a social impact on the field.

Among the speakers, Ulrich Grabenwarter, Head of Strategic Development-Equity at the European Investment Fund, and Tracey Turner, Founder and Chairman of Copia Global, one of the fastest growing enterprises in Kenya.

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